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Madrid Development

Madrid is ranked as one of the most influential countries in the Iberian Peninsula. This country plays an important role as an intermediary between Latin America and the European Union. It has been the capital of Spain since 1561 and has its origins during the Middle Age when Mohamed I ordered the construction of a fortress.

We recommend you to visit the Plaza de la Villa where you can see the Casa and the Torre de los Lujanes which dates back to the 15th century. Another interesting tourist destination is the church of San Pedro el Real (also called San Pedro el Viejo); it is located right beside the Calle Mayor, in the middle of Calle Sacramento and Calle del Nuncio. San Nicolás de los Servitas, the oldest church of Madrid, is near to the Plaza de Villa and Calle Mayor. As you can see, Madrid has a rich culture that is expressed in its magnificent architecture with many styles such as the Castilian Baroque style of the 18th-19th century.

This city was under French influence in 1700, at that time Philip V became king and he carried out the reconstruction of the Palacio Real and ordered to build La Granja. However, it was Carlos III who modernized Madrid; he made magnificent buildings and great city routes from 1716 to 1788.

Madrid reached its zenith during Bourbons dynasty. Carlos III, also known as the "bricklayer king", ordered to construct museums, observatories, and botanic gardens which are now an important landmark of Madrid. The Door of Alcala, the Prado Museum, the Royal Theater, and the Casa de America are some historic buildings that date from the 19th century. Years later, Madrid was badly affected during Civil War period (1936–1939).

Nowadays, this multicultural country has Neoclassical and Baroque structures that date from 17th and 18th centuries like the Palacio Real, the Plaza Mayor, and the Casa de la Villa. Named as the cultural capital of Europe in 1992, Madrid was the international spot of arts and touristic attractions. This country was also ranked as one of the twelve greenest European cities and the world's ten livable cities.

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