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The City of Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain; it is situated in the middle of Iberian Peninsula on the Manzanares River and between Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla y Leon. You can enjoy beautiful sceneries and peaceful walks accompanied with relatives or friends of yours. Daily activities include tourist tours, walks, and museums while at night you can go on nightly excursions. Madrid is also the largest city in Spain.

Madrid is a good mix of modernity and tradition; you will realize that there are beautiful traditional neighborhoods and streets and at the same time, there are fashionable boutiques and cafes. The major touristic destinations are: the Puerta del Sol where most merchants and retailers meet, the Plaza Mayor, the Plaza of Cibeles where you can see a neo-classical architecture style and the Plaza de Toros which is the largest bullring in Spain (it holds 25,000 people.) Bullfight season starts on March and finishes on October.

This city has many tourist attractions for everybody; you can choose between historic buildings, museums, theaters, art galleries and so on. For instance, in the town center you can see the government buildings such as the Royal Palace of Madrid, Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and the Congress of Deputies. If you are looking other kinds of entertainment, then you should visit the gay district of Chueca which is a lively spot full of popular discotheques.

Madrid at night
Madrid at night

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