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South of Plaza Mayor

If you go to La Plaza Mayor on a Sunday morning, you have to visit the southern part of it; this is where you will find El Rastro. It is a flea market located in the Barrio de Embajadores. It has been functioning since the XV century, when second-hand sellers started to appear around the place. However, in those times, it was not known with this name. Rastro means trail and even when people are not sure about the origin of the name; it is believed that it was due to the trail of blood left when the cows were killed for sale.

Due to its importance, since the year 2000, it was declared as Cultural Heritage of Madrid. Around 100 thousand people, among tourists and locals, visit EL Rastro every sunday. It works only on Sundays and Holidays from 9 am to 3pm. In El Rastro, you can find all kinds of antique products (new or used) and some of them are impossible to find in other places.

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