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Sol, Plaza Mayor and Ópera

Sol, Plaza Mayor and Opera are located in the centre of the Madrid. The centre is, without a doubt, one of the busiest places in the city. It is frequented by tourists and local people of Madrid every day. In the centre, there are always many things to see and do. The centre of Madrid is characterized for combining its ancient building and architectonic samples with modernity and technology.


It is located between Bailen and Mayor Streets. It is the house of the royal theater and on its streets is located the "Teatro de la Opera" which was recently remodeled. Another important place in this neighborhood is the "Palacio Real", on Arenal Street; it was built in 1818. There are also beautiful squares as the "Oriente" or "Isabel II". It is an exclusive zone: the restaurants, pubs and clubs around this area are very good but quite expensive.


The most outstanding thing of this neighborhood is the "Kilometro Cero." It is considered as the centre of the whole city and the beginning of all the roads. On the Sol Street we can find the "Puerta del Sol" which is one of the most important squares of Spain and many important events are celebrated there. Around it, there are many businesses as well as important places as Callao, Santa Ana Square or La Gran Via.

Plaza Mayor

The Plaza Mayor is a rectangular construction of 129 meters long and 94 meters wide, bordered by three-floor buildings; these buildings have 237 balconies facing La Plaza. It also has nine entries, being the most famous the "Arco de los Cuchillos". Plaza Mayor is located near The "Puerta del Sol" and it was built in the XVII century. In the centre of Plaza Mayor is located the statue of Felipe III. In its beginnings, it was the place where bull fights, executions and Inquisition trials were celebrated. It was founded in the XV century and was originally called "Plaza de Arrabal"; then, it was changed to "Plaza de la Constitucion" but it was finally changed to "Plaza Mayor" in the 40's.
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