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Spain Square - Plaza de España

(Plaza de España) or Spain Square is a big and largest square located in the center of Madrid, There is a gallant monument of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and is protected by the most prominent skyscrapers. When the Felipe II in 1561 moves the court of Toledo to Madrid, when now is the Spain square there were simples’ orchards. In 1656 appears inside the fence built it by Philip IV and Carlos III take the convent of San Gil, located next to the Palacio Real, an area to build the convent of Scrooge.

The construction of the convent was design for Manuel Martin Rodriguez, but was never inhabited. Joseph Bonaparte installs a forte and after become a Cavalry barracks and later Artillery. After of the long discussions in 19th century with the Madrid extension and the major hurdle knocking the bulk of barracks of San Gil, with all this actions the construction of Spain Square was approved.

The place which is the Spain Square has around the principal important buildings of Spain and the largest of that country. One of the principal buildings is The Madrid Tower which was one of the highest of the world, this monument was design for the Otamendi brothers, the tower was finished on October 15 of 1957 2 years after the building was overcome with other building but this one from Brussels Belgium call tour du Midi.

Spain Building, Gallardo's House, Asturiana de Minas Real Company, Miguel de Cervantes monument, the gardens and other attractive monuments has this square. The principal characteristics of these monuments are: The principal exponent of the modern Arquitecture is The Gallardo´s house, the Spain building with the attractive four heights staggered silhouette; and in the center of the square the principal monument to Miguel de Cervantes one of the principal symbols of Spain.

Plaza de España
Plaza de España
Spain Square
Spain Square

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