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Parque del Oeste

It is located in the district of Moncloa between the Arco de la Victoria Avenue and Ciudad Universitaria. It is one of the most important natural areas in Madrid. Its construction was divided into two stages; the first one started in 1893 and finished in 1905. A year later, the construction of the second stage started. During the Spanish Civil War, the Battle of the Ciudad Universitaria took place not only in the Ciudad Universitaria but also in the Parque del Oeste, causing its partial destruction. The park’s reconstruction work started in the 40’s and it included the construction of new monuments and attractions as well as an extension of the park itself.

In Parque del Oeste, there are several things to see. For example, in the northern part, there is an artificial river of more than 600 meters long and it is possible to see some bunkers that are remnants from the Battle of the Ciudad Universitaria. There is also La Rosaleda where the International Rose contest is celebrated every year. We can also see a very peculiar tree called “El Abuelo”, as well as other beautiful and particular trees and flowers. We can also appreciate several species of birds. The cultural aspect is also present in the park; we can see the Egyptian Temple of Debod, the Fountain of Juan Villanueva, the monument of Jose de San Martin, to mention only a few.

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