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Its official name is Universidad but it’s mostly known as Malasaña or as “Barrio de las Maravillas”. It is located in the centre of Madrid. It is delimitated by La Gran Via, Fuencarral, San Bernardo Streets and Bilbao square. The name Malasaña is in honor of Manuela Malasaña who was an embroiderer executed by Napoleon’s troops after the 2 de Mayo battle for carrying scissors which according to the soldiers, could be used as a weapon.

Malasaña was the centre of the “Movida Madrileña” in the 70s and 80s. It is an active neighborhood that is full of bars and crowded streets. During the day, you can go to many stores and markets where you can find all kinds of products, from high fashion clothing items to second-hand products, or you can also go just to walk around to enjoy the city and its many architectonic buildings. But probably the most outstanding thing about this place is the night life. On weekends, young people go to the many bars or clubs. Some of the most popular bars are: Via Lactea y El Penta.

In the centre of Malasaña is the Plaza Dos de Mayo, it is located where it used to be the Artilleria de Monteleon park. Here we can see El Arco del Antiguo Cartel, a monument created to commemorate the popular uprising of May 2nd. In this square is celebrated “El Botellon” which is a festival where people are allowed to drink and dance on the streets.

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