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Gran Vía

La Gran Via is one of the most important avenues in Madrid. It starts in Alcala Street and finishes in Spain Square (Plaza de España.) La Gran Via is visited by lots of people (tourists and locals); it is a place for entertainment where you can go shopping, have something to eat or drink, watch a movie or a play, etc. No matter what time it is, there is always something to see or do there. The social life is pretty active: people go there just to hang out and meet friends.

For many years Madrid’s authorities were thinking in a way of communicate the centre of the city with the North area: this is how the Gran Via was created. The project was approved in 1904 but due to the lack of money and opposition of the people, the construction started in 1909.

The construction was divided in three stretches. The first one was build from 1910 to 1915 and covered from Alcala to Montera Streets. The second stretch covered from San Luis to Callao Streets and started in 1917 and finished in 1922. The last one took less time: the work began in 1925 and ended in 1929.

Along the Gran Via we can find beautiful buildings from the twentieth century. Some of the most popular are: The Casino Militar, Matezand Building, Urquijo Bank, Carrion Building, Metropolis building, etc. However, there are also modern constructions, most of them mostly used for entertainment as theaters, restaurants, movies, pubs, cafes, bars, stores, shopping centers, hotels, etc.

In 2010, it was its centenary and such an important event could not go unnoticed. There were a lot of events on the streets to celebrate it. Expositions, conferences, parties, outdoors concerts, guide visits, expositions were done as part of the celebration. The celebration lasted for several months and most of them were outdoors and free. Many tourists traveled to Madrid just to be a part of these celebrations.

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