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El Pardo

  Palacio Real de El Pardo
 Address Paseo del Pardo s/n - Carretera del Pardo, Km 8
 Telephone +34 91 376 1136
 Prices Adults: 4€. Students, older than 65 and younger than 16: 2€.
Wednesday: free.
 Schedule From October to March
Mon-Fri: 10:30-16:45. Sun and holidays: 10:00-13:30.
From April to September
Mon-Fri: 10:30-17:45. Sun and holidays: 9:30-13:30.

The “Palacio Real el Pardo” is one of the residences of the Royal Spain family. Nowadays, it is open for the public as a museum, but it also works as a residence for visitors, when a foreign authority arrives to the city. He/she is invited to stay there. It is located in the mountain of the same name. It is surrounded by nature which makes the perfect contrast with its impressive ornament full of balconies and decorated walls.

The decoration inside is also marvelous. We can find a staircase designed by Francesco Sabati, “El salon del trono” decorated by Francesco Sabatina. There are also beautiful tapestries; some of them were designed by Francisco de Goya. Around the palace there are some important constructions like: “Quinta del Duque del Arco”, Casita del Principe and “Convento de los Padres Capuchinos”. All these places were promoted by the Spanish monarchy, with the purpose of increasing the beauty of the area.

It was built in 1406 by order of the king Henry III of Castile, but it was first used as a pavilion. In 154, it was transformed into a palace. On March 13th, a fire destroyed it as well as the master pieces that were inside. In the 18th century, Charles III ordered its reconstruction which was finished in the 20th century.

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