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Chueca is a gay neighborhood located in the centre of Madrid, between Fuencarral and Del Barquillo Street. It is the biggest gay district in all Europe. In the eighties, it was one of the most dangerous places in Madrid; there were a lot of robbers, drugs and prostitution. But now it has changed completely, and it has become one of the most important and developed districts of Madrid.

The change started in the 90s with the moving of gay people into the neighborhood; they started restoring the classic buildings of the city and opening new businesses as stores, saloons, bars, coffee shops, etc. Most of these businesses were directed to gay people so it attracted more gays. Nowadays, the majority of the people who live there are gays: they moved looking for a place where they can be free and not constantly judged for their option. This district is an example of toleration among people; not only for their sexual options but also for the cultural and racial diversity.

Chueca is the most fashion neighborhood of Madrid; there are many high fashion stores in its streets. It has also an exciting night life, people go to discos, pubs, restaurants, cafes to have fun and spend some time among friends. No matter what time it is, there is always something to do in Chueca: this city never sleeps. The last days of June, people in Chueca go crazy due to the Pride festivals. There are concerts, parades and parties to celebrate it. People from all places in Europe arrive to the city to join the celebration.

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