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Casa de Campo

  Casa de Campo
 Location Carretera Boadilla del Monte, 34- 28024 Madrid, Spain
 Hours It is open from Mon-Sun; hours depend on the season.
 Prices Adults 19.40€ (-7) children and Seniors (+65) 15.70&euro.
There are discounts for groups.

La Casa del Campo is located in the East zone of Madrid. In the past, it was used as the hunting place of the royal family but it has been open to the public since 1931. La Casa del campo is considered as the lungs of Madrid. It is an open area with more of 1800 hectares; however, only a small part of the area is used. There are some things to see and visit. One of the most beautiful and popular things to visit is the Zoo Aquarium of Madrid.

Zoo Aquarium Madrid is an amusement park where you can see all kind of animals from all over the world. In its installations there is an aquarium where there are only dolphins. There is another area for birds, a little farm, an area for wild animals and another for sea mammals. You will not only see the animals but you will also interact with them and see shows and exhibitions of dolphins and other animals. It is also possible to make a reservation and celebrate events as birthdays or Eucharist there.

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