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Around Santa Ana and Huertas

There is a place called the Plaza of Santa Ana and it is pretty close to the Calle of Las Huertas. Both of them are important to mention because each one of them has particular characteristics that attract visitors as well as local people. Calle de las Huertas is a place where bars and discos proliferated so it is considered as a place where everybody can go to have a drink. By the way, the Plaza of Santa Ana is also called Plaza del Principe Alfonso.

In the Plaza of Santa Ana you can find a lot of bars, restaurants, cafes; basically places where you can go by yourself or with someone else to have a drink and eat something. One of its most known cafeterias is called La Suiza. You can also find a variety of hotels around Santa Ana. It is also an important cultural point. You can find the statues of many important literary figures such as Federico García Lorca and Calderón de La Barca. It's truly a place where you can talk calmly and enjoy a good time. You will realize that most places around Santa Ana are open at mornings and nights depending on what you would like to do.

Santa Ana is full of tourists but that is precisely because it is one of the most appreciated and fascinating areas to visit and stay for a while. It is practically a place where you feel obliged to visit because you just can't miss it. You will also find some small shops where they sell souvenirs. You can even find the Teatro Español (Spanish Theater.) You would probably have a taste of what Madrid is really like once that you visit the Plaza of Santa Ana.

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