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Sol, Plaza Mayor and Opera

La Plaza mayor is a common touristic place that is located in Madrid. It is a recurring place because it offers many activities to do and see. Actually, the Plaza Mayor is situated at the center of Madrid. It was not always called Plaza Mayor; it was originally called Plaza del Arrabal. Since a lot of tourists go to visit it, it is no wonder that you can find numerous hotels around the area. It's also a place where concerts and festivals can be held..

La Plaza Mayor is appreciated because of the sweet sensation of harmony that it seems to inspire. The food that you can find around there is usually expensive; so, if you're in a tight budget, it is better to avoid eating around there. Otherwise, you may end up spending more than what you originally thought. Some places that you can find around Sol, Plaza Mayor and Opera are: Chocolatería San Ginés (it opens 24 hours which may be fascinating fir those who wake up too early), and Dehesa Santa María (where you may find an exquisite variety of meats and cheeses).

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