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Caņas y Tapas Bars in Madrid

Spanish people like to go out for tapas. It is said that if you're invited to come along to go out for tapas, that means that you will go to a lot of bars and eat a lot of tapas. Of course, the first question that should be answered is: what are tapas? Tapas are considered as little pieces of every existing Spanish dish (it's not limited to it, but still this is truly fascinating.) Tapas are not appetizers as some may think despite the small amounts of food that are given. Actually, the rounds of tapas don't stop until you think that you've had enough tapas to eat.

Some of the most usual tapas that you will find are: Banderillas, Bosquerones, Chopitos, Calamares, the list is endless. However, nowadays there aren't a lot of restaurants where they offer you free tapas. You may need to do a little bit research to know where you can find free tapas if that's what you intend to do. Some places where you can find free tapas are Boņar de Leon, and A Caņada. Tapas are usually accompanied by drinks (caņas.) A caņa is certainly a beer, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you must drink caņas while you're eating tapas. You may choose something else to drink, like a glass of wine, if you like to.

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