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Restaurant prices in Madrid

Restaurant prices differ from place to place. The closer you get to a touristic area, the more expensive the foods will be. It is a good idea to have a little bit of knowledge about restaurant prices because you'll realize that you'll find cheaper restaurants that offer the same exquisite foods that you will find in expensive restaurants. If you are on a tight budget, you might have to do a little bit of traveling around non-touristic zones to find cheap restaurants.

Let's start with breakfast. A typical breakfast that consists of coffee and a couple breads may round the 2. Expect to pay more if you want more than that. You would typically spend less money if you buy food ingredients at a supermarket, and then prepare a specific dish at the comfort of your own place. But restaurants exist for diverse reasons. You probably don't have the time and the knowledge necessary to prepare your own food. You just may want to spend a little time outside. Maybe you're trying to celebrate something or you're meeting with someone else and you need to find a place to eat. Whatever the reason is, it's never a bad idea to know about restaurant prices before you decide to get into one.

To eat a menu, or as it is commonly called, "a menu del dia"- you would have to spend somewhere between 6 euros to 15 euros a day. If you were to go to an expensive restaurant, you would end up spending more than 50 euros a day. Some restaurants such as La Gallete and Divina La Cocina are cheap (up to 40 Euros.) Casa Paco, and Botin are moderate (from 40 to 90 Euros.) La Terraza del Casino and Jockey are pretty expensive (over 90 euros.) You don't really need to tip but if you want to do so, you can leave some money if you feel that you need to leave an indication of how great the service was for you.

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