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Madrid by Train

RENFE, the main rail service in Spain, reaches almost all cities with its 2,500 rail stations throughout the country. It provides regional, high speed and suburban trains and its main terminals are based on Chamartin (north) and Puerta de Atocha (south). Thanks to this vast rail network service, it is possible to get to any destination such as Paris, Lisbon, and other European countries in few hours. As we can see, all of Europe has international rail services that provide a great customer service.

The AVE (Alta Velocidad Española) is another important rail system which connects Seville, Cadiz, Huelva and Cordova. These trains are very comfortable and are well equipped with the-state-of-the-art technology. AVE covers 7,000 kilometers and reaches its main destinations in less than four hours; thanks to its high-speed trains. This railway system also offers first and second class services that include wheelchair facilities, newspapers, drinks, audio/ video, etc. For further information, we recommend you to visit the official web page and book your AVE tickets online.

Trans-Europe-Express, Alaris and Talgo are the new generation in this kind of services; they provide a high-speed train and a good quality service. Their trains daily transport thousands of passengers to the following destinations: Zaragoza, Barcelona, Valencia and Pamplona. If you want to travel long-distances (Paris, Santiago de Compostela), then you may buy the "train-hotel" service which is provided by RENFE.

On the other hand, for passengers who travel from France or UK to Madrid, it is necessary to book in advance the sleeping-car service which is most commonly known as "couchette." This service is in great demand usually duringsummer season and it takes a day to get to Madrid from London. In some cases, it may be necessary to change trains. Price is the main factor here, because it can vary according to the service (first or second class) and season (tourist season).

For further information, we provide you some data about the main railway stations that operate in Madrid:

Eurostar. (T 0870 6000 0796 in UK, T 1-800 EUROSTAR in the US or T 91 547 8442 in Spain).

Rail Europe. 179 Piccadilly, London W1V 0BA, T 08705 848 848, or Rail Europe US, T 1-800-438 7245

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