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Madrid by Car

Even though travelling by car is a time-consuming task, many people do it. For instance, a journey from Madrid to France can last approximately two or three days. It will be necessary to pay expensive tolls for the use of motorways. Usually these tariffs are increased because of peak seasons (Christmas, Eastern week, national holidays, etc). There are several expressways that you can use if you want to experience a journey by car.

Madrid is surrounded by the M40 which is one of the most important motorways. On the other hand, there are the M30 and the M45: these are very used motorways in Madrid. The first covers the central district of Madrid while the second one serves metropolitan areas of the city. Another important motorways are the E-70, E-804, E-05, and the N-I; they are connected to the main motorways to get faster to Madrid.

Although all EU driver licenses are accepted in Spain, a foreigner can't drive after a year of his/her arrival. The next step for him/her would be to take a Spanish driving test. It is important to mention that in Spain there are rush hours; it is very likely that you will get stuck at traffic jam in the following hours: 18.30-20.00, 15.30-16.00, 12.30-14.30 and 08.00-09.30. For further information, visit this link:

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