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Madrid by Bus

Buses are also a great service to get to every destination. The main advantage of this service is that you can see all beautiful sceneries. Buses are well-equipped with modern facilities, comfortable seats and they follow all safety regulations. Bus services operate from western European countries to Madrid, Barcelona, Santander, Salamanca, Cádiz, etc.

Main metro stations in Madrid

The main metro stations in Madrid are the following:
  • Estación Sur de Autobuses which is located in Mendez Alvaro street (Phone: 91 468 42 00)
  • Conde Casal (METRO: Conde Casal)
  • Paseo de Florida (METRO: Princípe Pío)
  • Avenida de América (METRO: Avenida de América).
Eurolines Limited is one of the main routes to get to Madrid from London (Phone 0990/143-219 or 020/7730-8235) you can also get further information visiting its web page: A trip from London to Madrid usually takes 26 hours; however, it can reach to 36 hours for longer distances.

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