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Madrid by Air

Every year a lot of foreigners arrive to Barajas Airport to visit Madrid's tourist attractions. This airport is located within the surrounding areas of this city (13 km from town center). It was built in 1927 and it started to handle international flights in 1931. Today this airport carries more than 40 million passengers annually. Furthermore, it is ranked in the top worldwide 20 busiest airports. On the other hand, Barajas Airport is the main commercial hub of Madrid with the most reputable airlines that provide charter flights and regular flights to Latin-America and other destinations.

Since the number of tourists that arrive to this city is yearly increasing by 10%, the Terminal 4 was built to increase the airport's capacity. The Terminal 4 is indeed the biggest terminal in Europe and it has decreased the number of delays. Nowadays the airport handles one flight every 30 seconds which allows it to carry more passengers and reach more destinations.

As we mentioned above, Barajas Airport is near to the heart of Madrid. You can arrive to the airport by taking the metro through Terminal 2 in approximately 30 minutes. If you want to be on the road, you can take the N-II or M-40 routes. Nevertheless, due to the rush-hour-traffic, it can take from 20 minutes to an hour. Finally, taxi services are also a good option. You can find many customer services at the airport such as restaurants, car hiring, bank agencies and travel agencies.

These are the main airlines that are operating at the Barajas Airport:

Top Airlines in Barajas Airport

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