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Madrid Travel Guide

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is situated in the middle of the Iberian Peninsula. Thanks to its geographic location, approximately 6.271million inhabitants enjoy great weather conditions. Madrid has a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a rich cultural and political background. You can see the most modern buildings, visit its fascinating museums and discover its important legacy. On the other hand, Madrid is the third largest metropolitan area in the European Union with 607 km2.

Historic heritage

Madrid is a modern city; however, it also maintains its artistic and historic heritage that is expressed in several historic neighborhoods and ancient works of art. Regarding the historic town center, we can mention the Royal Palace of Madrid built in 1712 which is a worldwide famous museum. Others important museums as the above-mentioned ones are: the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (MNCARS).

Madrid attractions

It is important to stress that Madrid offers a wide variety of attractions such as night-clubs, pubs, discotheques, cafes, etc. Therefore, this city has an energetic nightlife; especially on weekends. From spectacular discotheques to tranquil cafes, this city is the heart of Spain; it gathers many people from different backgrounds. You can also visit traditional theaters, music halls, dance halls; however, most of these places are aimed to residents or Spanish speakers.

Madrid was the administration center of the Spanish Kingdom at the end of middle age; therefore, it was enormously benefited from its authority position. Nowadays, its economy is focused on the industrial sector by manufacturing motor vehicles, chemicals and printed materials; among other goods. Madrid has a stable GDP and high living standards, and it is recognized as a financial leader in the Commerce center of Europe.

One of the most visited places by tourists is the Puerta del Sol which is located in the heart of Madrid. Furthermore, near this square there are many commercial settings and recreational areas. During summer time, plays, films and concerts are presented in this city. San Isidro fair is an important national celebration where Madrilenians enjoy lively concerts, operas and dancing presentations. Bullfighting is an icon of Spain culture. The bullfighting season lasts eight months from March to October.


 Land 607 km² (234.4 sq mi)
 Elevation 667 m (2,188.3 ft)
 Population 3,228,359 (2005) - City
5,561,748 (2005) - Metro
 Altitude 0-100m/0-330ft
 Area code(s) 34 (Spain) + 91 (Madrid)
 Distances Toledo: 71 km - Segovia: 87 km - Cuenca: 167 km - Valencia: 352 km - Sevilla: 462 km - Barcelona: 621 km

Madrid at night Madrid buildings

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