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Jaen Monuments

The amazing city of Jaen has many of the most amazing monuments in Spain. One can find beautiful churches, museums, cathedrals, and if that were not enough, some of the most ancient European castles. Due to Jaen is a mixture of many cultures, there are many remains, which are widely visited by people from different countries.

Visiting these monuments people have a good opportunity to learn more about the culture and history of Jaen. The following are some of the preferred destinations for tourists: The Capilla de San Andres, Convento de Santa Ursula, the Cathedral and the Arabs baths.

The Cathedral.

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The Cathedral is considered by many people as one of the most important monuments of Jaen. The cathedral was declared as an Artistic and Historic monument. Its construction began in the 16th century and it wasn't finished until the end of the 18th century. It combines different artistic styles because it was built in many years.

Arab Baths

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It is believed that the "Arab baths" were built in the 5th century. They were rediscovered in 1913 under the palace of Villardompardo. The Arab baths are one of the most notable Jaen monuments; they consist of seven rooms, which are still well preserved. The palace itself contains a museum of art and folk traditions. In 1917 this monument was declared as a national monument.

Real Monasterio de Santa Clara

Located in the Plaza de San Agustin, the real Monasterio de Santa Clara is the oldest monastery of the zone. It was built in the 8th century when Fernando III conquered the city. Nowadays, the monastery is occupied by a community of Franciscan nuns.

Old University

Jaen has one of the oldest universities in the region. The University of Jaen was funded by Rodrigo Lopez in the XVI century, it is located near of the Jaen gate and it became a secondary education establishment in 1875. Currently, most of young Jaen people choose to study in this university due to its great teaching.

Capilla de San Andres

Near of the Arab baths is located the "Capilla de San Andres". It was founded by Gutierrez Gonzales Doncel in XV century. The Capilla de San Andres offers a beautiful facade and many artworks to visitors. It is definitely a place we can't miss to visit.

Jaen Monuments Jaen Monuments

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