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Eating in Jaén

Due to Jaen is a Spanish Region, one can find many typical Spanish dishes there. The cuisine of Jaen is very varied. One of the main ingredients in the dishes is definitely the Olive Oil, so it is not a surprise that much of the local chefs use olive oil in more generous proportions than most of others of the rest of Spain use.

"Ajilimoje" is one of the most traditional dishes in Jaen, some of its ingredients are: potatoes, olive oil, vinegar, pepper and bread. Other important dishes are: Pipirrana and Alboroinia, which are made mainly with products grown in the region. Fish is another important ingredient in Jaen cuisine. We often find herring and cod to prepare "ajoharina" and "andrajos". No matter which region you are, you will definitely find many delicious dishes in Jaen.

Some of the most important Restaurants are:

Mesones14 (C/Federico Mendizábal 14)
  • Phone: +34 953243921
Mesones14 is a restaurant where one can find the typical Andalusian dishes, such as Ajilimoje, Pipirrana, Gazpacho, Salmorejo, and others. It has a good service and a friendly atmosphere.

Juanito (Paseo Arca del Agua, s/n 23440)
  • Phone: +34 953740040
Juanito is one of the most classic restaurants in Jaen, which is widely visit by many tourists from all over the world. Juanito offers a wide variety of typical dishes of the region. Juanito is located in Baenza in the hearth of the city and as most restaurants in Jaen, Juanito use as main ingredient the olive oil. Although its specialty is the food, Juanito has a wide variety of wines, such as Spanish and French Wines.

Casa Vicente (Francisco Martín Mora 1)
  • Phone: +34 953232222
Casa Vicente is located in the center of the city, very near to the Cathedral. This restaurant offers the possibility to enjoy many of the most traditional Spanish and Andalusian dishes that is why this restaurant is always full of people. Casa Vicente has air conditioning and pets are forbidden in this place. Due to its great plants, sometimes it is used as a reception hall and it is not uncommon to see some parties such as marriages and baptisms being held there.

If you want to eat traditional food and enjoy a good time with your family or friends, Casa Vicente is definitely one of the best places.

Casa Antonio (Calle Fermín Palma 3)
  • Phone: +34 953270262
Casa Antonio is known as a traditional restaurant, and almost a forced restaurant that tourist should visit. One can find some of the most representative Jaen and Spanish dishes such as Tapas, alcachofa natural, lomo de orsa mozárabe and bacalao encebollado.

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