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Outside of Ibiza City

You can find many tourist attractions outside Ibiza. There is, for example, "Santa Eulalia del Rio", which is a beautiful city located at the east of Ibiza. You can find two main streets; the first one is "La Calle San Jaime", which is a peaceful street where people meet friends from all over the world; the second is "La Calle San Vicente" where you can find many local and international restaurants. "Jesus" is also another important point to visit; it is a small village located only 3 kilometers from the city, where you can find many renaissance monuments.

"San Antonio Abad de Portmany" is a beautiful fishing village and the second largest city of Ibiza; this city is also known as "The Clubbing Capital of the Universe", due to the large number of clubs that exist there. "Poblat Fenici de Sa Caleta" is another important tourist attraction in Ibiza. It is one of the most important and recent archeological discoveries and it was declared a world heritage site by the UNESCO in 1990.

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