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Eating in Ibiza

Ibiza is not only known by its clubs, but also by its wide variety of dishes. Due to the fact that Ibiza is a mixture of many cultures, you can find exotic dishes that you will not find anywhere else, for example: The Phoenicians brought Mojama, which is a form of air-cured tuna. The Romans incorporated other important ingredients such as figs, olives, grapes, and wine, and the moors incorporated sugar cane and rice.

As other Mediterranean regions, Ibiza's cuisine is based mainly in fish and seafood, that is why it is common to mix seafood and meats all together. Some of the most important traditional dishes are: "Gazpacho" (cold tomato soup), "Paella", "Arroz de Matanzas", "Gambas al Ajillo" and "Fried squid."

If you want to eat the most delicious Spanish dishes, you'll realize that you can find a lot of cheap restaurants as well as luxurious restaurants around Ibiza. The following is a list with some of Ibiza's most important restaurants:

  • "El Chiringuito"
  • Phone: (+34) 971 395 355 Located in Playa des Cavallet, "El chiringuito" is one of the most known restaurants around Ibiza.

  • "Can Alfredo Restaurant"
  • Phone: (+34)971 311 274. Located in Paseo Vara del Rey, 16. Good traditional Ibizan cuisine. You will taste some of the best Spanish dishes.

  • "KM5"
  • Phone: (+34) 971 396 349. It's around 5km away of Ibiza Town on the road to San Josť. Their food is a combination of Spanish, Catalan, and Mediterranean cuisine. It's an expensive restaurant, but it's worth the extra Euros that you'll spend.

  • "Alfredo's"
  • Phone: (+34) 971 31 12 74. Alfredo's restaurant is located in Pg. Var de Rey 16, 07800 Baleares. People say that it is Ibiza's oldest restaurant. You can try their traditional Mediterranean food as well as their delicious Spanish Tapas.

  • "El Faro"
  • Phone: (+34) 971 31 32 33. El Faro is located in Placa de Sa Riba 1, Ibiza Town, 07800. This restaurant offers you a wide variety of Spanish dishes, wines and traditional Spanish desserts.

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