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Explore Huelva

Huelva is a city with a lot of history and it is because the city was important for different cultures that developed in different eras. Now, Huelva is an important fishing port. If you walk through the center of the city, you will see several old statues that reflected the economical boom of the city thanks to the mining market at the north. The city has several places that are important to visit, for example:

  • Catedral de la Merced - It is the biggest church in Huelva, it was built in 1606, this church has baroque decor and it contains an image of the "Virgen de la Cinta". The Catedral is usually open in daytime.
  • La Rabida Monastery - It is a Franciscan monastery in Palos de la Frontera, and it was where Columbus devised his journey plans. Columbus stayed a significant time there before he began his journey. Anyone who is interested in the history of Columbus must visit this place.
Explore Huelva, you will enjoy it.


Without doubt, Christopher Columbus made history in Huelva. One series of attraction to visit in this province are the so-called Columbus sites.
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