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Columbus Trail

Without doubt, Christopher Columbus made history in Huelva. One series of attraction to visit in this province are the so-called Columbus sites. These sites include Huelva itself, Moguer, Palos de la Frontera, and the Rábida Monastery. In fact, La Rabida, Palos de la Frontera and Moguer are three of the key sites in the Columbus story, which lie along the eastern bank of the Rio Tinto estuary and can be visited in a 40 km return trip from Huelva. You can find the places where Columbus sought the aid of the Franciscans. They introduced him to local rich sailors – the Pinzón brothers – and Ferdinand and Isabella.

The Rabida Monastery (Monasterio de La Rabida. Av. de la América s/n Phone: 95-935-04-11) is a 14th century monastery which Columbus visited several times during his attempts to win royal patronage for his voyage to the Americas. This monastery is located just 9 kms from the centre of Huelva. Another important church in Huelva is the restored 15th-century Santuario de Nuestra Señora de la Cinta (Plaza Conquero. Phone: 95-925-11-22), lying 3km from the center on the road heading to Portugal. Inside this church, Colombus prayed for the success of his voyage. An importan (and huge) monument of Christopher Columbus, the Monumento a Colón, was inaugurated in 1929 and is symbolically situated at the Punta de Sebo, south of the centre. This monument marks the exact spot where Columbus' ships were anchored while being loaded with supplies before departure.

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