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Guadalajara photos

Guadalajara is a city of historical interest and many people can prove it by seeing the section "Guadalajara photos" on internet. Its name comes from the Arabic word "wad al-hijaara" that means stony river; it was one of the main Muslim cities of north Spain in the moors heyday. Guadalajara is currently a modern but scruffy city; there are several buildings with Muslim, Renaissance and Baroque style. Romanesque churches and villages made Guadalajara a beautiful landscape among the modern Spanish cities.

Granada has several wonderful landscapes, many travelers visit this city to learn more about Muslim history in Spain or take several photos on its main monuments such as San Francisco Fortress, Alcazar ruins, which is a well-known Muslim castle, or San Guinés Church. One has several reasons to visit Guadalajara many times, because its people are very friendly and its attractions are unforgettable.

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