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Guadalajara Nature Parks

Parque Natural del Hayedo de Tejera Negra

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Traveler can relax in one of the several Guadalajara nature parks; this Spanish province has many nature attractions such as nature reserves, monuments, landscapes parks. Guadalajara has a widegeographical diversity, so its territory has different climatic conditions; it helps that different kind of plants and animals can grow and develop naturally. These well-preserved ecosystems have allowed creating a network of natural spaces throughout Guadalajara and they are under the protection of Ecological entities.

The nature Parks of Guadalajara have a great scenic beauty; it has three main nature parks: Alto tajo, Barranco del Rio Dulce, and Sierra Norte de Guadalaja. Travelers visit these nature parks to feel and commune with nature itself, they must remember to book an expedition before visiting those parks, because they'll need a special permission to visit these reserved areas. Each nature park has different things to show, one will need many hours to see different animals and plants.

Alto Tajo is located in the southeast part of Guadalajara and it has a great climatic, geological andtopographic diversity; it was created in 2000, it has an area of 105721 ha. One can find animals such as red foxes, European badgers, bobcats, weasels, ferrets and rabbits; plants such as Riellahelicophylla and Andalusianbelladonna grow in this park. Barrancodel Rio Dulce is located in the north of Guadalajara; it has 8347.95 ha. of superficial extension. This park has a great naturalrichness, one can find plants such as poplars, ashes, and willows; and animals like sparrows, eagles, and hawks. Sierra Norte de Guadalajara host naturalspecies such as oak,ashcommon,commonhazel, rowan, holly commonblackyews, and spindles.

Travelers must visit these nature parks, they have a large list of interesting animals and plants, and they can relax by walking around these beautiful landscapes.

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