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Arriving Guadalajara

Guadalajara is well-connected with other Spanish cities by roads, train lines or plane routes; the Airport of Madrid is the most popular Airport in Guadalajara and it is located near to it; most travelers arrive to Madrid by plane, then they take a bus to Guadalajara. Other travelers prefer to take a train from Madrid to Guadalajara city; by train one spends approximately 35 minutes and a train tickets costs 4 Euros and the service has high daily frequency.

Guadalajara has many buses lines, so one can comfortably travel from Madrid to Guadalajara; the bus station of Guadalajara is near many services such as car rentals and tourist informationoffices. If one decides to arrive to Guadalajara by car, one will need a map of Spain; the Aragon Highway is the main access road to Guadalajara, this road links Madrid with other places such as BarcelonaBarcelona, Zaragoza and France.

Travelers have a wide range of ways to arrive to Guadalajara; one can take a train or bus, because their tickets are cheap. However, one can get a particular taxi service from Madrid to Guadalajara city, but itís very expensive. Some travelers currently book a bicycle to arrive to Guadalajara; this way of transport is becoming popular among young tourists. As one sees, people can arrive to Guadalajara as easy as they imagine, so there are no excuses to visit this wonderful city.

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