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Guadalajara Travel Guide

Guadalajara is a province of Spain and its capital has the same name; it’s located 53km away from Madrid. Guadalajara has a great history that goes back to the Roman period, it was a Roman town called Arriaca. This province was under the domination of Moors for a long time and they founded the city Wad-al-Hayarain the 18th century, this name means “valley of stones”, although other meaning may be “stony river”. The Muslim period in Guadalajara was significant, because Moors left a great legacy and Guadalajara people still conserve some Muslim traditions.

Christians conquered Guadalajara in the middles ages, Alfonso VI took Guadalajara in 1085. All Spanish kings After Alfonso protected this city, so its economy grew and it allowed Guadalajara became a trading town. The Mendoza family was the most important in the 14th century, this family ordered to build the Infantado Palace as their residence. Guadalajara became the official capital city of the province with the same name by the Plan of Burgos in 1840. Guadalajara is currently an important touristic destination in Spain.

Guadalajara has many monuments of cultural and historical importance such as: the Alcazar Real, the Infantado Palace that is a masterpiece of Renaissance style, the Antonio de Mendoza’s Palace, San Gines Church, and many other Muslim, renaissance and baroque buildings. Guadalajara has several things to offer tourist such as its festivals, food, traditions and nature parks. Many travelers visit Guadalajara to see its landscapes and enjoy its natural attraction such as: Sierra Norte de Guadalajara, Alto tajo, and Barranco del Rio Dulce.

All travelers will find what they’re looking to be relax and happy, because Guadalajara is one of the most interesting provinces of Spain; many language students come to learn more about Spanish language and improve their pronunciation, as one sees, there are several good reasons to travel to Guadalajara, so one must consider to spend time in this beautiful city.

Guadalajara Travel Guide
Guadalajara Travel Guide

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