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Granada is one of the most beautiful cities around Spain; Cordoba may have a medieval charm and Seville the passion, but Granada has an edge. Many travelers go straight to the alluring Alhambra, but this city has many other touristic attractions such as Charles V's Palace, the Cathedral of Granada, The Royal Chapel and the Mirador of San Cristobal. Granada evokes images of Arabian nights; there are many wonderful Moorish style buildings and most of them are pieces of Granada's history.

Granada is pleasant to visit at any time; it has several wonderful landscapes. Sierra Nevada offers a great natural view; most European people go skiing every winter to this place. The Barrio de Cuevas, for many the highlight of a visit, is a fascinating place where travelers can walk around. The Cueva Museo offers some insight into traditional life of pre-Spanish people. One cannot leave without visiting the Iglesia de Santo Domingo, this church is a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture. There are many interesting things to visit in Granada, It's undoubtedly a fantastic city to visit.

This page contains a large selection of Granada photos, city views, monuments, churchs, streeets, attractions, etc.

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