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Granada Weather

Granada is hot and sunny in summer, and usually mild by the day in winter. Autumn weather is often warm and comfortable, but is can also surprise you with pouring rains from time to time. The best time to visit Granada is during spring and autumn, because the Mediterranean climate is more pleasant then. Granada is the fourth sunniest city around Spain and its average temperature is of 15.1 °C.

Granada'sweather is similar to that of Spain's southern sub-plateau, its temperature displays pronounced characteristics of a continental wheather despite being located only 55 Km. from the Mediterranean. The phenomenon constitutes an abnormal thermal nucleus, due to its average temperatures as well as its annual conditions and fluctuations. There is usually an absence of rains, so the few rains throughout the year are insufficient for the normal development of vegetation. Travelers consider Granada as the driest city of Andalucía.

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