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Granada's nightlife is great; one can have a tapa and a nice drink at any bar around Elvira Street and Placeta Taqueros near to the Albaicin. However, the main bars are located in Pedro Antonio, which attracts young people, and Plaza Nueva, which has the best bars for foreign students. Parties and night activities usually start from 11:00 pm to 3:00 am. The most popular places to see flamenco are located around El Sacromonte, and you can still find open restaurants that operate late at night.

Spaniards from Granada have inherited many Roman and Moorish traditions. They enjoy parties by eating tapas. There are many discos and bars with different music styles, although house music is the most popular among night lovers. Each bar has a large list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and these beverages have relatively cheap prices. Flamenco clubs are very fun; most shows have a special program for travelers where they can participate and learn to dance flamenco.

You can find theater performances in Teatro Isabel la Catolica and Teatro Estable de Granada; both of them are the main theaters around Granada. You can ask for theater programs at any tourist information agency. Many actors usually offer performances in the streets of Albaicin at night; so, you can see free shows and occasionally, give a little donation. There are also music concerts throughout the year.

Travelers will realize that there are many locals in Granada where they will spend a good time. There is a large list of fantastic bars, restaurants, discos and flamenco clubs; so, they do not have any excuse to be bored while they are traveling around Granada. As you can see, Granada has the perfect combination of elements to have fun and learn a little more about Spain's history. You will never regret to have visited this wonderful city.

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