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Moorish Granada

Granada was known as Moorish Granada for a long period of time, until the Catholic Monarchs expelled Moors. The Nasriddynasty wasfounded by Muhammad I and Granada remained independent under its control for 200 years. Granada enjoyed prosperity and peace in the 14th century; Granada was one of the richest cities around Europe when was controlled by Moors. It was the period that much of the wonderful Alhambra was built.

Granada became the only one remaining muslin state in Spain by 1294; Christian troops conquered Seville in 1248 and they didnít continue their progresses until the 15th century, when Christians resumed their advance southward. The King Ali refused to pay any further tribute to Castile and moors troops had to seize the border town Zahara, making war inevitable. One January 2, 1492, Granada formally surrendered and the Muslim ages finished.

Moors have left an impressive cultural legacy in Granada; there are several buildings under Muslim style, although Christians destroyed many Muslim mosques to build churches over them. The Alhambra is the masterpiece of Muslim buildings, many travelers visit Granada in order to see this wonderful Palace. The Albaicin is another Muslim building, it was a neighborhood until Moors had to left Granada; one can find many good places such as restaurants and cafes that offer moors food and the famous Muslim tea around the Albaicin.

Spaniards have inherited many Muslim traditions as bullfights and muslin food, Granada is the best example of the cultural legacy that Moors had left. There are many wonderful histories that Spanish people tell about Muslim times, and one can learn more about Moors and their cultural contributions by taking a trip to Granada, one will never regret to have done it.

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