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Spain has several beautiful cities, but with frequency travelers choose Granada. This beautiful Spanish city has a great assortment of attractions such as "Plaza de la Romanilla", "Inglesia de Santa Ana", "La Medranza" and "Corral del Carbon". One can marvel with the most interesting sights just by walking through the streets. The most famous of walks around Granada is "Carrera delDarro", a street discovered by the Romantic artists of the 19th century.

Travelers coming to Granada stop to see the Alhambra, but soon discover in this magical city there are more wonders to marvel; Granada hasthe largest collection of Moorish's sitesand the greatest monuments of the Christian Reconquest. These, among other reasons encouraged the catholic kings, Isabel and Fernando, to choose Granada as the city where they wanted to be buried. Granada has the perfect combination between culture, history, traditions and fun.

Please, select the zone you want to explore of Granada:

El Albayzín (Albaicín or El Albaicín) is a district of Granada. This district, and the surrounding gypsy caves of Sacromonte, are holdovers from Spain's Medieval Moorish past.
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Its name comes from the Arabic, "Al-Hamra" which means "the red fortress" because, although its walls were originally whitewashed, the buildings seen today are reddish.
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The Granada Cathedral - or Cathedral of the Annunciation - was designed at the peak of the Spanish Renaissance. In 1529 Diego de Siloé outlined the Renaissance lines of this building.
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Fuente Vaqueros Lorca was Federico Garcia Lorca's home, one of the greatest Spanish poets and certainly one of the Spanish greatest dramaturgesince the Golden Age.
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