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Eating in Granada

Granada has a varied cuisine, but one cannot talk about it without mentioning its rich cultural legacy. Granada's cuisine has conserved the traditional elements of Moorish Andalusia; besides it has been using ingredients from other Spanish regions. Travelers enjoy eating in Granada, because its cuisine offers them a unique blend of tastes, colors and aromas. Traditional cuisine is complemented by international food dishes that five-star restaurants offer.

Most chefs of Granada still use culinary techniques that were inherited by Greeks, Romans, Moors and Jews. The middle Ages in Granada were a crucial period, because Granada's cuisine became a major source of culinary inspiration around Spain until the Catholic Monarchs expelled the Moors in the 15th century. Granada's cuisine became popular again centuries later; convents focused their culinary expertise on creating desserts, and many people came to Granada in order to try these culinary delicacies.

Nowadays, Granada continues being an artistic, cultural and gastronomic point of reference in Spain. You can find several good restaurants around Granada that serve traditional and international foods. Most restaurants are located near to the city centre or the Alhambra; however, if you are looking for Moorish food, you must go to Albaicín, the best Moorish restaurants have establishments around this neighborhood.

As you can see, travelers have several reasons to explore the culinary culture of Granada; it has a great legacy and offers many varied food dishes. Travelers may discover new flavors by trying a tapa or the popular migas and gachas. All chefs in Granada are always combining new and traditional ingredients to offer new dishes; so, you shouldn´t forget to eat a Granada food dish while you're visiting this wonderful Spanish city.


Although there are several delicious and exotic dishes here, Granada isn't known for its culinary delights. However, you'll find a few excellent restaurants making the most of local produce from the nearby sea and mountains.
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