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Fuente Vaqueros Lorca museum

Fuente Vaqueros Lorca was Federico Garcia Lorca's home, one of the greatest Spanish poets and certainly one of the Spanish greatest dramaturgesince the Golden Age; his daughter made ofit a museum in 1986. Garcia Lorca was born and spent his childhood in Fuente Vaqueros, it was a small village surrounded by woods of trees and open fields of sugar-beet, tobacco and wheat. It's currently lapped with bleak warehouses and workshops. Fuente Vaqueros is located in the northwest part of Granada and it's currently known as the "Casa-Museo Federico Garcia Lorca".

The house contains many of its original furniture; one can see Federico's photos and posters of his plays on the walls. This museum was opened in honor of the 50th anniversary of the murder of this writer by Franco's troops during the Spanish Civil War. Lorca's fans visit this museum to learn more about him.

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