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Capilla Real, cathedral and churches

Granada has several churches that have different architectural styles; it includes Moorish, Baroque and Renaissance styles. Moors lived a long time in Granada until the Catholic Monarchs, Felipe and Isabel, entered in Granada on January 2, 1492. The Franciscan transformed Granada's mosques into Christian churches, and other religious brotherhoods built various churches around Granada in order to covert Moors and other non-catholic people into passionate Christian believers.

The Granada's Cathedral is a masterpiece of the Spanish Renaissance, its complete name is: The Cathedral of La Anunciación; it was declared a Site of Cultural Interest in 1991 and a National Monument in 1985. It was founded on May 21, 1942; the Catholic Kings required a Christian monument that represented the victory of the Catholic Church over the Moors, so that it was built next to the old main Mosque. The Granada's Cathedral is located in the city centre, and one can enter through La Gran Via; it is considered the first Renaissance church of Spain. The Cathedral opens from Monday to Sunday at 10:00am - 1:30pm and 4:00pm - 8:00pm.

The Capilla Real (The Royal Chapel) is the building adjacent to the Cathedral; it was built between 1505 and 1517 in the Gothic style. The King Fernando chose it to house the Royal Pantheon; the main altar contains the remains of the Catholic Monarchs which are kept in beautiful sepulchers, and this mausoleum was designed by Domenico Fancelli. The Capilla Real is currently a museum, where one can find relics, tapestries, ornaments, portraits, paintings and Baroque sculptures.

Other important churches around Granada are: Church of San Jeronimo, la Basilica of San Juan de Dios, Church of Santo Domingo, and Church of Nuestra Señora de las Angustias. There are many other chapels, monasteries and churches that you can visit in Granada; each building represents a historic piece of Granada. One can get more information at any tourist agency or any traveler can search information on Internet before traveling to Granada. One must not forget to visit the Royal Chapel where the Catholic Monarch rests.

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