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Albaicín and around

The Albaicín is an ancient Arab neighborhood; it's called the Albaicín because it hosted hundreds of Moors of Baeza when the king Fernando conquered Granada in 1227. Moors called it "Rabad al-Bayyazin", and it was one of many residential quarters to the southwest and west of the Alhambra's hill. Albaicín is located in a hill that is opposite to the Alhambra; its location is the same as the medieval Albaicín and it's the heart of modern age Granada.

Albaicín has winding streets and houses that go back to the 14th century; Albaicín is known with several names such as Alaycin, Albaycín and Albaicín among the Spaniards. The Albaicín is the perfect tourist scene that conveys romantic ideas about medieval Spain. However, many tourists avoid walking around Albaicín because of its steep and narrow streets. Albaicín still offers several good reasons to visit it; many contemporary artists of Granada usually spend time around Albaicín in order to find enough inspiration to write or paint a masterpiece.

Most tourists visit Albaicín to have a spectacular view of the Alhambra from the "Mirador de San Nicolás"; "La Calle de las Teterias" also known as "Calle de la Calderería" is also well-known, because that's where people go to taste Arab typical desserts and drink all kinds of tea. If you walk around Albaicín, you will find many interesting places such as "El Carmen de los Mártires" that has a beautiful garden, La Iglesia de Santa Ana (Santa Ana Church) that has a Mudjejar style, "El Corral del carbon" that was a deposit of merchandise and shelter, La Iglesia de Santo Domingo (Santo Domingo Church), "Sacromonte" Abbey, La Iglesia de San José (San Jose Church) and many other attractions. Albaicín is surrounded by several interesting monuments that represent a piece of Granada's history.

The Albaicín was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1984; it represents the legacy that Moors left in Granada. You must consider visiting Albaicín to see the Alhambra; Alhambra is an stunning palace that you should also visit. You will enjoy visiting Albaicín and you can do it while you're traveling around Granada.

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