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Spain is a beautiful Mediterranean country that has the most spectacular landscapes, a delicious cuisine, friendly people, and a lot of ancient monuments. There are important cities such as Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Granada, Seville and Girona. Each city possesses extraordinary features. However, the city of Girona is an especial one because it has a big cultural legacy and the most wonderful landscapes.

The Region of Girona is one of the richest areas in history, culture and nature in the entire Europe. In fact, plenty of people from different parts of the world visit the region in order to practice cycling or visit the touristic city. Outside the city, visitors can enjoy the magnificent Pyrenees Mountains or the pleasant Mediterranean coastline. Inside the city, tourists can find ancient and well-preserved buildings, museums with valuable artwork and a delicious gastronomic tradition.

In order to show you the principal tourist attractions and the spectacular landscapes, we provide some photos of the region and the city.

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