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Eating in Girona

The cuisine of Girona is one of the most exquisite around the Iberian Peninsula. This wonderful gastronomy is a perfect combination of many delicacies from the land and the sea such as lobster with chicken, for instance.

The province of Girona is really famous for its spectacular seafood, varied ingredients and excellent preparations; visitors can try several dishes like the Gamba Roja de Palamos, El suquet, L'Olla dels pescadors and the L'escudella. Opportunely, there are plenty of restaurants in the city offering the majority of dishes of the region. The principal ingredients in the Girona cuisine include the following:
  1. Fresh fish.
  2. Meat.
  3. Poultry.
  4. Organic fruits.
  5. Vegetables.
  6. Chesses.

The Girona cuisine is very varied and there are another Mediterranean dishes to discover in the area. In order to try the big variety of Girona dishes, visitors have to stay more than a week in the city. Here is a list below of the most important restaurants in Girona:

Address : Cala Montjoi S/N 17480 Roses
Phone : 72150457 Fax. 972150717
El Bulli was the best restaurant in 2006. As it was reported by the Restaurant Magazine.
Address : Mas les Cols - Ctra. de la Canya, s/n, Olot
Phone : 972 26 92 09 Fax 972 27 07 27
This restaurant is very popular in the city because its dishes have an excellent flavor and they have amazing food presentations.
Address: Carretera Taiala 40, Girona
Phone: 972222157
This restaurant has a large familiar and culinary tradition.

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