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The City of Girona

Spain is an amazing country that has the most spectacular landscapes and sceneries in the Mediterranean area. There are a large number of interesting cities that are different from each other. Madrid, Barcelona, Avila, Andalucía and Girona are important cities in Spain because each one of them has a rich historical background and a huge cultural legacy. As an example, we will describe Girona.

Girona city is the capital of the Province of Girona and it's one of the most beautiful cities in this part of the Mediterranean. The city possesses a huge variety of medieval constructions and buildings with Romanesque and Gothic architectonic style such as the Cathedral of Girona, the Església de Sant Feliu, the convent of Sant Domenec and the Benedictine Church which have valuable architectonic pieces. The population in Girona, according to the 2010 Spanish public census, was 87, 857 approximately. The city has an extension of 5,886 km2.

The name of the city is quite interesting because it has two spellings: Girona in Catalan language and Gerona in Spanish language. The city is really old and quiet and it's located in the northeastern part of Barcelona. That is why plenty of local and foreign people visit the town each year in order to escape from the bustling cities.

The province of Girona is also divided up in small regions such as La Garrotxa, El Bias Empordá, Ripollés and Selva El Gironés. This area is a perfect place to practice cycling. The tourism is the principal activity of the city. Visitors can find many typical restaurants, hotels, several museums, fantastic landmarks and plenty of beautiful sceneries.

Finally, we have to mention the old Jewish quarter in Girona. The Jewish quarter is a splendid old neighborhood with narrow streets, ancient houses, lanes and steep alleyways.

The city of Girona
The city of Girona
Girona streets
Girona streets

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