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Museu d'Art and Sant Feliu

 Location Pujada de la Catedral 12 Gerona (Girona)
 Phone 97-220-95-36
 Entry fee Admission 2€ ($2.60) adults; 1.50€ ($1.95) students, children 16 and under, and seniors over 65
Front of Girona museum of Art Museum of Art in Girona
The Museu d'Art and Sant Feliu is another beautiful and well-restored Episcopal construction that has a Romanesque and a Gothic architectonic style. This magnificent building is situated next to the cathedral and holds the most attractive chronological galleries in its five floors.

There is Romanesque and Gothic art, manuscripts from the Poblet`s monastery and wooden images. In addition, visitors can find paintings, religious stuff and sculptures that date from the 9th century.

In 961, the Museu d'Art and Sant Feliu was initially a sacred monastery called the Sant Feliu de Guixols Monastery. The sacred monastery was founded by the Benedictine Order and was divided in two important parts:
  • The Porta Ferrada.
  • The Towers of the Fum and Corn.
The majority of the master pieces inside the Museu d'Art and Sant Feliu are really valuable and outstanding.

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