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Catedral of Girona

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As any other spectacular building in Spain, the Cathedral of Girona is the perfect representation of the Romanesque and Gothic influence. The magnificent building is situated in Catalonia, Girona Spain and its real name is Saint Mary Cathedral of the Catholic Roman Church Diocese of Girona. Its construction begun in 1312 and was completed during the last part of the 16th century.

The cathedral was a primitive Christian church but then was adapted into a mosque in 717 due to the Islamic conquest of Iberia. However, in 785 the Franks reconquered the town and the cathedral was consecrated in 908. Fortunately, in 1310 the Cathedral was redesigned by the renowned architect Pere Sacoma. Nevertheless, the project was started in 1312 by Antoni Canet and Guillem Bofill.

In the interior of the cathedral, the visitors can see its well-preserved architecture and the interesting features that it poses, such as the Gothic doorway, which is the widest in the world (22.98m), the cloisters and the stunning museum cathedral that contains a spectacular artwork. The cathedral of Saint Mary of Girona possesses 279 ft (85 meters) of length, 300 ft (90 meters) of width and 148 ft (45 meters) of height.

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