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Carrer de la Forša and the Call

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As we know, in ancient times the Iberian Peninsula received thousands of Jewish people from different parts of the world. That is why that the majority of Spanish cities have a strong Jewish heritage nowadays. As an example we can mention the city of Girona.

Jewish people lived in Girona more than six hundred years and as a result we can see a notable Jewish influence in the customs and urban structure in the entire province.

There was a small group of Jewish population that occupied some former houses next to the cathedral about 890 years ago in Girona. These former houses are known as Plaša dels Ap˘stols (Apostles' place) nowadays. Few years later, Jewish people incremented its population and they spread gradually throughout the city; that is why we can find an interesting Jewish neighborhood in Girona named "The Call".

"The Call" also known as the Jewish district, is one of the most interesting and representative neighborhoods in Girona. The neighborhood has well-preserved houses and structures as well as beautiful streets that represent the living Jewish heritage in the region. Jews lived the most gruesome chapters of their fate in this neighborhood.

However, there was a pleasant period with a tolerant coexistence between Jews and Christians. In that time, the principal streets in this Jewish quarter were the C˙ndaro Street, the Sant Llorec street and the Carrer de la Forša Street. In fact, the career de la Forca Street was the principal urban way and a fundamental axis of the neighborhood. These lanes that we mentioned before were home to the Jewish people for almost 600 years approximately.

Make sure that you know about this splendid Jewish quarter in Girona. It will be an amazing historic experience.

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