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Girona is a beautiful and ancient city located in Spain, and situated in the north of Barcelona. There are more than 100,000 inhabitants living in the town nowadays. The city is really a quiet place and a lot of local and foreign people go to Girona to escape from the bustle of the city of Barcelona. Girona possesses an extraordinary Jewish quarter and its strategic location served as a stronghold for many military events.

During the 12thcentury, many artists beautified the city with outstanding Romanesque buildings. However, between the 16th and 17th there was an increment of military buildings such as barracks and fortresses in order to protect the city. Visitors can't pass over the magnificent walled area that protected the Girona citizens from the Napoleon troops in 1808.

Another interesting building that has an excellent architectonic style is the Cathedral of Girona. The cathedral is the principal landmark of the city and it has two cloisters in the interior and many interesting features; it has baroque and Romanesque influences such as the carlemany tower. In addition, tourists can find the Chapter Museum inside the cathedral; it has a large number of artworks and masterpieces. Next to the cathedral, there is the Art Museum. This magnificent place was before the former Episcopal Palace.

In addition, Girona has other medieval buildings in the entire area including the following:
  • The convent of Sant Domenec.
  • The church of Sant Feliu.
  • The Chapel of Saint Narci.
  • The Romanesque Chapel of Sant Nicolau.
  • The Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligant.
  • The Convent of La Mercé.

As any other important town, Girona has an attractive Jewish quarter with narrow and steeply streets. This singular neighborhood has a medieval atmosphere and its construction begun in the 9th century. There are several of museums in the area; visitors can find a valuable collection of objects from the gothic era such as the Saint Carlemany sculpture and the Arab arc of Hixem II.

Girona streets
Girona streets
Girona city
Girona city

View of Girona
View of Girona
Cathedral of Girona
Cathedral of Girona

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