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Getting Around Spain

Spain is well-connected by an efficient transportation system that includes extensive roads, railways, a great air travel network and ports connecting major towns, so there’s no excuse to stop from traveling to every part of the country; Spain is an important link between Europe, Africa and America due to its location.

We include the most important information about transportation in Spain, with information on how to get around Spain by air, train, car, taxi, waterways, and more. If you visit Spain it will be useful to know all of this because Spain is one of the largest countries in Europe, and traveling around Spain will take you some time.


Spain By bus Spain By train Spain By car

Spain By bus

There are regular bus services to Spain from all major centres in Europe.

Spain By train

Spanish trains are the most inexpensive in Europe.

Spain By car

Car hire companies are plentiful in Spain, particularly around coastal areas.
Spain Hitching Spain By bicycle Spain By plane

Spain Hitching

Hitching in Spain is not as good as in some other European countries.

Spain By bicycle

Cycling in Spain is extremely popular and cyclists take their pastime very seriously indeed.

Spain By plane

There are a few regional flights to the islands and spanish cities in northern Africa as well.
Metro in Spain Barcelona Apartments

Metro in Spain

Madrid has one of the best transportation systems in Europe.

Barcelona Apartments

Barcelona Apartments.

Driving schools

Driving schools in Spain

Nowadays many people take driving lessons because it is a necessity. Driving schools offer people the basic and most important training. People will have to show and put in practice the ability they have. Learning the art of driving can be easier than people think, it is just important to put the effort in this task. In driving schools you can receive professional education and meet Instructors that can help you in this process

Traffic schools

Traffic schools in Spain

All new drivers should take courses about traffic and road safety in order they obtain the needed knowledge about those topics. Taking these courses, drivers can take good decision when some risk situation appears while they are driving. Traffic schools are mainly taken by people who commit traffic offenses. Attending to traffic schools have many advantages, one of them are points dismissed of driving records. Points are assessed in driving records when people commit some traffic offenses.

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