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Madrid is the capital of Spain. The city is considered one of the biggest cities in the European Union with a total extension of 605.3 km² (238.3 sq mi) as reported by the Member of the Governing Council in this country. The city has a huge historical background because of its large number of ancient constructions and buildings. However, Madrid is very recognized for having modern and contemporary skyscrapers.

Madrid is part of a big community. This community has also another important towns such as San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Navalcarnero, Aranjuez, Alcalá de Henares, Torrejón de Ardoz, Coslada and Móstoles. However, the majority of the population lives in the city of Madrid.

The city attracts thousands of tourists each year because there are many interesting things to do and see. Tourists visit the principal museums in order to see a large number of stunning art collections. For instance, the Golden Triangle Museum of Madrid receives a lot of visitors each day.

The old town of Madrid is also a favorite spot for many local and foreign people. There are big and open places like the popular Plazas, where visitors can explore, refresh and buy some local artisan stuff. In addition, visitors can find plenty of bars and restaurants around the area. They can try the exquisite and delicious Tapas and drink some beers. The nightlife in Madrid is quite active and exciting. In fact, there are trendy nightclubs with good music and exquisite drinks.

In the outskirts of the city, visitors can find spectacular landscapes and nature sceneries. El Retiro is an excellent park where the people from Madrid and foreigners spend their weekends to observe a big variety of plants.

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