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Madrid as a capital of Spain is considered as the principal city because it has cultural traditions, a huge historical background and plenty of amazing and ancient buildings that represent different architectonic influences. Actually, Madrid offers music, art, history and a lot of memorable experiences. That’s why plenty of people say Madrid is one of the most modern and vibrant towns in Europe. Madrid is an active city thanks to its citizens. There are large number of bars and night clubs where the Madrileños (citizens of Madrid) frequent every weekend until after dawn.

Madrid is a city with a notable combination of the new and old. There are two beautiful and ancient neighborhoods that contrast with the modern urban city. The Chamartin neighborhood in the north and the Salamanca Neighborhood in the east give the visitors a basic idea about the ancient Spain.

Spain has great and magnificent baroque landmarks throughout its territory but the most representative can be found in the Gran Via, the historical center of the city and the Alcalá Street. Tourists can visit the Plaza Mayor, the Palacio Real, the Puerta Del Sol and the Colón Main Square. However, there are other interesting places to visit such as the oldest quarter, el Parke del Buen Retiro and the Plaza de Lavapies.

In order to get a full experience, it’s recommendable to explore the city by foot. In addition, the city possesses a large selection of museums, sculpted gardens, twisting alleys and taverns where you can experience pleasant moments. As we mentioned before, Madrid is one of the most cultural and artistic cities in Europe because visitors can see a lot of impressive paintings and diverse collections from different artists from Spain and around the world.

There are principal museums that are located in the city center such as the Sorolla Museum, the CaixaForum, the Prado Museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and the Lazaro Galdiano Museum. Tourists can also enjoy the most spectacular artistic performances of opera music, concerts, flamenco and ballet shows during the Festival de Otoño (the Autumn Festival) that takes place between May and June.

Other popular districts to visit in Spain are the Malasaña and the Chueca district. The Chueca is quite popular for the gay community in Madrid.

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