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Barcelona is a dream city and it is located in the northeastern part of the Mediterranean coastline of Spain. Barcelona is considered as the second most important city in Spain after Madrid because of its massive population and its numerous interesting features. In fact, this Spanish city is quite sophisticated and stylish due to its modern urban city center which is full of the finest buildings that have a great architectonic style, art galleries and theaters. In addition, the night life in Barcelona is one of the most amazing ones around Spain.

Explore Barcelona and discover their attractions. Barcelona is also an important and very famous city around the world because in 1992 it hosted the international Olympic Games which attracted thousands of visitors that year. Consequently, the tourism industry in the city took over drastically. As the majority of Spanish cities, Barcelona has a rich cultural and historical background that is represented in many ancient landmarks and buildings throughout the city.

Currently, visitors can find typical European elements in the city such as outdoor markets, shops, restaurants, churches and museums. Tourist also can visit the ciutat Vella that is located in the heart of town as well as the amazing beaches that are situated in the city’s coastline. Fortunately, there is the metro, the best public transportation around the city for long distances. Barcelonan people speak two different official languages, the Catalan and the Castilian (Spanish.)

There is a recommendable place to visit called Las Ramblas. This pedestrian street is an attractive venue that has a large number of cafes, stands and kiosks. Visitors also are going to find a small market where plenty of domestic animals are sold every day. Near the Ramblas Street, tourists can see the Palau Guell that is situated in the Plaça Real. In fact, The Palau Guell is a magnificent Catalan architecture built by the genius Antoni Gaudi. The Plaça Real also has a lot of bars and restaurants.

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